Code of Conduct

It is forbidden to physically punish a JOMAK child. Children are taught, through examples and through doing, to respect themselves, each other and their environment. We praise children for positive behavior to re-enforce and emphasize such behavior.

Should a child exhibit negative behavior, it is discussed so that your child understands that such is not acceptable. The child must understand why the behavior is unacceptable and this is only clear if explained in an age appropriate manner which should be re-enforced at home. We do this professionally.

Furthermore, we partner with parents to make sure that negative behavior is addressed quickly and firmly by sharing child progress reports, where necessary, daily. This ensures that the reactions to issues in school are consistently addressed in school and at home.

All JOMAK children are required to wear their uniform as described, except on specified free wear days and for swimming.

All JOMAK children must attend school on time. Jomak Weekly Timetable (click here).