About Jomak

JOMAK Pre – school is built to provide your child with an excellent foundation in Early Learning and an ideal environment to thrive and succeed.

To do, we have created a unique Montessori hybrid program designed to enhance a holistic development of each child to not only focus on personal and social development, but also enhance excellent communication, problem solving and creative thinking skills. Furthermore, we focus on the development of your childs’ self- awareness and global perspective so that we build their confidence to succeed today and tomorrow. 

Our program is presented in a way that keeps your child motivated and engaged. It is fun and deliberately oriented for comprehensive early childhood development. This includes phonemic awareness, systematic phonics, simple math, vocabulary, fluency in spoken and comprehension of the English language. 

Your child’s early years are special and present a critical opportunity to shape their personality. We will love to partner with you during this time to ensure your child is developed to succeed tomorrow.