How We Teach

All class sizes are kept to a maximum of 22 a certified teacher and assistant. The toddler class will have an extra assistant once the class size exceeds twelve students.

Our teachers play a core role as facilitator of learning. They present short lessons to one or two students and leave them to continue the learning through practical application and team work. This allows the teacher to monitor and review the progress of each individual child on a daily basis so that they can keep the challenge level high, and prepare appropriate training for the child going forward. Learning in pairs and small groups is also encouraged and facilitated to maximize interaction and build shared thinking and compounding principles. 

Classroom equipment and materials are selected so that they support small group and individual learning by each child, and enhance exploration and creativity through direct interaction with the environment and/ or modern technology.  At the end of the day, the Montessori classroom material is designed to develop mathematics, sensory development, language fluency and more. This material is set up in a learning sequence of simple to complex, and concrete to abstract so to facilitate independent and progressive learning.