Child Safety

To help us better understand the medical needs of your child, all children are required to complete an initial health status report for our records and reference. The supervision of children.

The supervision of children at school is excellent and consistent. SAFETY IS FIRST in everything we do. Our child safe environment and optimum staff to student ratio enables us to provide high levels of attention to each child. This ensures that needs are met promptly and comprehensively.

Visitors are carefully screened before given access to our main premise. Children will only be picked up after school by registered parent, guardian or driver. All pick-ups and drops off will take place inside the school premise.

Our facility maintain high hygiene and safety standards and will be open for regular inspection in line with local laws to ensure specific attention is paid to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of your child.

Accidents will be managed by a trained first aid practitioner and an accident incident report will be shared with the parents. Emergencies will be managed as per policy. A trained pediatrician will be on call for planned visits.